FDM 3D printer

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It is an extensible and stable desktop 3d printer .

The feature of it as follows:
1, It is modular designed. All parts are assembled by snap fit. It will make this printer easy to assemble and repair, the after sale service cost will be very low.
2. It is an extensible 3d printer. Customers can update the printer by update some unit, for example, update the control panel to get wifi function or net print. Or update the print head to get dual nozzle, structure parts to increase the print size……., this printer is just a initial version, there will be a unlimited possibility in user’s hand.
3. The printer is very light, just 4.5 kgs. User can move it easily.
4.The frame is made by high quality ABS plastic. Due to snap fit, printer is very stable even after long time use.
5. Two kind of package for different customers, SKD package could save 30% freight.
6. Price is very cheap.



  • Type: FDM
    • Max printing size: 130x130x160mm
    • Printer size 280x300x320mm
    • Location precision:XY axis:0.011mm,Z axis:0.0025mm
    • Print speed: 80mm/s
    • Nozzle: Single
    • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
    • Software: CURA
    • File format: .stl
    • OS: Windows,Mac,Linux
    • Print filament: PLA/Wood/POM/PVC/PETG/PP
    • Filament diameter: 1.75mm(0.069″)
    • Color: 18 colors
    • Working temperature: 15-32℃
    • Storage temperature: 0-32℃
    • Power: input AC 100-240V,~2amps,50-60Hz 12V DC @ 6.25amps
    • Control panel: LCD screen,English manual
    • Control button: Three
    • Feed method: long distance feeding
    • Connection: USB2.0
    • Support material: Automatic created, easy break away
    • Material machine:ABS
    • Machine color: black、red、purple、blue、orange
    • Stepping moter:Step angle 1.8 degree,1/16 micro-step
    • Guarantee : 1 year for total machine,3 month for nozzle set

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